Innovative R&D

Automatic assembly and testing line information system

The automatic assembly and inspection line information system developed by Zhejiang Mingjun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. helps companies optimize the underlying resources of the factory through advanced production management methods such as lean production and digital management to achieve digital production, improve quality, increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and reduce Cost, improve transparency, and enhance competitiveness.

The information system realizes the interconnection and intercommunication of the business layer, the execution layer, the monitoring layer, and the equipment layer. Through real-time feedback on the scene, the company's decision-making response and process execution efficiency are improved, and the company's competitiveness is enhanced. The system has the characteristics of flexible definition of production inspection mode, open interface, and support for secondary development of services.

The production workshop operation monitoring large screen, the user is the manager of the job site, realizes the deviation of the total plan from the monthly plan and the daily plan due to the supply chain being in a state of not completing 100% balance, which is adjusted by the kanban, through the kanban Effective measures can be taken after the problems of the production system are exposed to prevent overproduction, find bottlenecks in the production system, etc., and form visual management of the production workshop.

The main control data acquisition system mainly realizes the monitoring and recording of data through the connection of various hardware. At the same time, the customer can filter the data they need according to the existing conditions and display it.

R & D Strength

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the scientific concept of development, taking technology research and development and personnel training as the company's development goals. The technology R&D department established by the company is an experienced and innovative technology R&D team with high-level R&D capabilities and machining capabilities, as well as an excellent after-sales team and a young R&D team.

The company attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and new systems, and has invested a lot in research and development every year, and has achieved good results. In accordance with technological development and market demand, the company transforms research and development results into productivity through technology introduction, cooperative development, etc., and creates benefits for the enterprise.


From industrial automation equipment, automated production lines, AGVs, industrial robots, precision measurement and testing, intelligent three-dimensional warehousing and logistics, information products to total system integration, it covers 3C electronics, medical, new energy and other business areas. In response to the needs of different industries, integrate motion control, imaging optics, robot application, informatization, precision testing and precision assembly technologies, combined with its own software development platform to provide customers with highly competitive products and services