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Company Profile

  • Automated Production Line

    The automatic production line is formed on the basis of the further development of the continuous assembly line. It has very high automation control, and the precise production rhythm that the traditional assembly line does not have. It is a unified automatic control system and its work must be in accordance with the prescribed procedures. Order to complete.

  • Stand-alone Equipment

    Stand-alone equipment is to meet production needs. Some complex and time-consuming functions are replaced by machines instead of manual assembly lines, which greatly reduces labor costs, improves production efficiency, and guarantees output and quality.

  • Smart Devices and Robots

    In the industrial age, robots use fixed instructions to replace workers to complete industrial tasks. Both artificial intelligence and robots are the crystallization of human wisdom. Artificial intelligence gives robots the ability to think about problems, and robots are the external manifestations of artificial intelligence.

  • MES

    MES aims to strengthen the execution function of the MRP plan and link the MRP plan with the on-site control of the shop floor through the execution system. The on-site control here includes PLC program controller, data collector, bar code, various measuring and testing instruments, manipulator, etc.

  • Industry 4.0 Software

    The concept of "Industry 4.0" includes the transformation from centralized control to decentralized enhanced control. The goal is to establish a highly flexible production model of personalized and digital products and services. The process of creating new value is changing. The chain division will be reorganized.