Human Concept

Firmly establish the concept of human resources as the first resource, adhering to the tenet of "respecting the value of talents, shaping the quality of talents, and committed to the growth of talents".

Insuring all rivers, attracting talents, and continuously optimizing the human resources work system of China Overseas, to create a team of talents with both ability and political integrity, loyalty and dedication, and candid responsibility. Build an environment for the all-round development of talents with "both ability and political integrity, internal and external values, meritocracy, and fair competition". The company is currently in a stage of rapid growth, and we warmly welcome people of insight to join us for common development.

The company regards employees as the greatest wealth, and provides generous remuneration and good working conditions

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    Selection philosophy

    People who have the courage to pioneer and innovate and are committed to continuous improvement of the work process. People who have the spirit of craftsmanship to strive for perfection and are committed to continuously improving the quality of their work.

  • 2.

    Talent Development

    We regard employees as important partners of the company, and uphold the concept of "more valuable for our partners", and provide employees with multi-faceted and multi-level professional training to comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality and business capabilities, and realize their value and value. The joint promotion of the company's value.

  • 3.

    Talent Incentive

    We insist on a competitive salary position in the industry, provide opportunities for those who want to work, provide positions for those who can do things, and provide a platform for those who can do things, so that talents with good conduct, dedication, diligence, and high efficiency are in the organization. Able to stand out.

  • 4.

    Talent Management

    Talent management starts from the strategic and organizational development needs, and focuses on the construction of Mingjun's talent team, and forms a differentiated management system for different talent groups, forming a closed management loop of talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention.


Career Department

  • R & D Department

    Experienced mechanical engineers who account for 35% of the company’s total staff are responsible for the mechanical design of non-standard automation projects

  • Software Department

    Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the enterprise information system, including the visual development of the upper computer and CCD

  • Production Department

    Contains electronic control department, assembly department, responsible for PLc programming, equipment assembly and debugging, maintenance

  • Administration Department

    There are personnel, finance, procurement, project specialists and other positions inside to control the project progress and logistic services

  • Operation Design Department

    3D engineers are set up to produce 3D rendering videos of the company's products, and are responsible for the company's Douyin and Weibo management

Profession Career

New employee orientation

Corporate development culture, professionalism, safety education, company rules and regulations, basic skills training

Professional training on job skills

Engineering (electrical, mechanical, software, new media operations)

General management training

Business management, self-management

Senior training

Leadership training for senior executives