How to improve domestic non-standard automation equipment

2021-02-05 14:58:52 浙江铭君自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 1792

In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the field of industrial automation equipment, especially non-standard automation equipment, which is not as simple as traditional standard equipment, but is flexible and tailored. Customization, easy operation and multiple functions have brought new development opportunities to the industrial manufacturing industry. my country's non-standard automation equipment began to emerge, but encountered many obstacles in the development process.

Strong demand for non-standard automation equipment

In the past, the booming development of China's manufacturing industry relied on a large amount of cheap labor. However, time has changed. With the decrease of the newly added labor force in recent years and the improvement of people’s living standards, labor is no longer a cheap resource. It has become more and more common to find a job. In order to meet the needs of production, automated production has gradually Known and valued by business owners. As an important part of automated production, non-standard equipment has become more and more popular in the past 10 years, and a large number of non-standard equipment manufacturers have emerged in the market.

After the financial crisis, non-standard automation equipment will inevitably prosper in China. Experts said: The demand for automation equipment in enterprises is increasing day by day. Due to the different specific conditions of each enterprise, the demand for non-standard automation accounts for a large proportion of the proportion. Expenditure on non-standard equipment and machinery can be budgeted in advance, the non-standard automation market will grow rapidly, and the depth of application of automation products will continue to increase. For example, in the injection molding industry, many injection molding companies tailor a set of suitable non-standard automation solutions according to their actual conditions, and widely use industrial robots and manipulators to realize "unmanned chemical factories" and "lightless workshops" "The production cost of the product is saved to the utmost extent.

Development status of non-standard automation equipment

Although the non-standard equipment industry as a whole presents an obvious upward trend, that is, the market for non-standard equipment is vast, and even certain traditional industries may become the market with the greatest potential. However, my country's non-standard enterprises are relatively large in number, small in scale, backward in technology, and homogenized in competition, which are also obvious shortcomings, and there is a gap of at least 10 years in this field from developed countries. New non-standard automation equipment is often mechatronics equipment, making full use of the latest achievements of information technology. Designers in some Chinese companies are unfamiliar with the products and dare not or will not choose them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level. Many core technologies are not truly independent, and the cost of relying on equipment imports is obviously difficult to reduce. At present, high-end products such as industrial robots and servo motors are still mainly imported from abroad.

According to the market logic, the growth of the market space can improve the technological research and development level of enterprises and expand the scale of enterprises, and provide enterprises with good development opportunities. However, the objective situation is the opposite. Domestic non-standard equipment companies have not stepped out of the vicious circle of low quality and low prices. They are still simply imitating. They have not developed their own characteristic products and patented products, and have not accumulated more funds for use. Enterprise development. At present, the small workshop production of more than a dozen people is still the mainstream form of the non-standard equipment industry.

Although the non-standard automation equipment industry as a whole presents an obvious trend, the market space for non-standard automation equipment is vast, and even some traditional industries may become the largest market potential. However, with the growth of a group of similar domestic enterprises, the non-standard domestic production The proportion of automation products is steadily increasing!