Features of non-standard automation equipment

2021-02-26 13:58:54 浙江铭君自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 390

1. It has sufficient strength and rigidity to maintain the specified motion accuracy, high reliability, low failure rate, stable product quality, high processing accuracy, and strong environmental adaptability; it is convenient to use and maintain, and it is simple and safe to operate.

2. It has a certain degree of flexibility and can adapt to the requirements of a certain range of product specifications and varieties; it has a reasonable degree of non-standard automation. Implement standardization, generalization and serialization; simple structure, easy manufacturing, low cost; high production efficiency, low energy consumption; saving materials, especially precious and scarce metal materials; reducing labor intensity, improving working conditions, and not polluting the environment, Emphasize technical aesthetics, create civilized production conditions; leave room for development.