Data Collection Systems


The main control data acquisition system mainly realizes the monitoring and recording of data through the connection of various hardware. At the same time, the customer can filter the data they need according to the existing conditions and display it. Through user authority management and control, the core operation model of the enterprise is constructed to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of the enterprise. Improve user operating experience, facilitating all-round information traceability and overall analysis. Manufacturing data such as quality monitoring, production status perspective, and equipment status assists real-time management of production operations.

Through analysis of production, quality, equipment failure and other issues, combined with process management to improve the level of corporate management. At the same time, combined with benchmarking companies and data analysis of different industries, end-user consumer demand drives market trends across industries such as product manufacturers and equipment providers, and provides strategic decision-making data support for companies to improve their core capabilities, product iterations, and market expansion in a timely manner.


Data Acquisition System-Homepage

Including on-site temperature and humidity monitoring, monitoring of the production line's production status (normal operation, alarm, idle status), including the beat, pass rate, output, alarm status of each device, and the pass rate and output of each device.


Data acquisition system-production data

Realize the monitoring of the production data of the whole line, including OEE, the output of the whole line, the number of defectives of the whole line, and the output trend chart of each station. Globally monitor the production status of the entire production line, and conduct comprehensive information traceability and overall analysis.


Data Acquisition System-Alarm

Realize the monitoring of the whole line alarm, including all the alarm times of the whole line, the station with the most alarm times, the average alarm times, the centralized alarm time period, and the alarm times of each device. Carry out overall monitoring and solve equipment problems in a targeted manner.


Data Acquisition System-Setup

The settings of the system's mode, database, and target.

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