Electronic Kanban System


The production workshop operation monitoring large screen, the user is the manager of the job site, realizes that the total plan is deviated from the monthly plan and the daily plan because the supply chain is not in a state of 100% balance, and the problems of the production system are exposed. Take effective measures to prevent overproduction and find bottlenecks in the production system.

The system has both a PC terminal and a mobile platform (mobile phone, IPAD, etc.) management interface, breaking the time and space barriers of management, allowing corporate managers to grasp corporate information anytime and anywhere, and ensuring the real-time and effectiveness of corporate decision-making. Realize the real-time digital presentation of the entire value chain of enterprise production and operation information such as production process, equipment status, and material status, transform the traditional management mode of the enterprise into a digital management mode, and form visual management of the production workshop.

The system contains a number of production data monitoring requirements, including equipment operating status, alarm information, comprehensive equipment efficiency, daily output information, monthly output statistics, cumulative operating time of simplex stations, distribution of bad indicators, and monitoring of air pressure energy consumption.




Mobile Platform

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