Automatic Fly Wire Assembly Unit


Flying wire is an indispensable part of some circuit breakers at present. The parts are extremely small and light. They are all assembled manually in the market. However, manual assembly is difficult and easy to get involved, which makes the work more difficult for employees and leads to efficiency. Low, product quality varies.

This equipment is a fully automatic assembly process. It combines traditional and flexible feeding. It uses high-quality CCD guidance and a scara manipulator to take the material, and combines linear modules and servo control to make the flying wire formed in the process of reclaiming, bending and assembly. Closed-loop control. The automatic fly wire assembly equipment reduces the number of manual feeding while ensuring the quality of the material supply, greatly improving the assembly efficiency, achieving CT within 2s on average, and the success rate as high as 99%, which not only guarantees product quality, but also achieves Humanized production has achieved a breakthrough in non-standard industries.

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