Automatic lifting up and down grabbing unit


This equipment is composed of a product pick-and-place mechanism, a conveying positioning system, a product recovery system, a lifting mechanism, and a mobile carrier. Among them, the product pick-and-place mechanism and the product recovery system. After the product pick-and-place mechanism receives the instructions from the control system, the cylinders on the system coordinate actions to move the gripper of the pick-and-place mechanism to directly above the product on the mobile carrier. After the product is firmly grasped, it moves to the top of the product recovery system, and judges whether the product is a good product according to the signal of the previous section, and then puts the good product into the good product conveyor line and transports the good product to the next station, and places the defective product on the defective product buffer conveyor line Pending. The lifting mechanism is when the product is taken from the mobile carrier, the control system sends the instruction to the lifting mechanism. At this time, the lifting mechanism is lowered, and the belt reverses when it is lowered to the position, and the mobile carrier is sent to the backflow system of the front stage machine. When the mobile carrier completely leaves the belt line of the lifting mechanism, the lifting mechanism rises and returns to the original position to complete the lifting action.

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