Automatic handle torsion spring assembly unit


This equipment is composed of a torsion spring feeding system, a torsion spring distribution system, a three-axis module, a conveying positioning system, a return system, and a torsion spring handling system. The torsion spring distributing system is the torsion spring distributing system. After the sensor senses that the torsion spring is in place, the motor drives the eight-station turntable to rotate 45 degrees. Each time the material is fed, the torsion spring is rotated once at an equal angle until the torsion spring is sent to the waiting At the material station, it is used for material retrieval by the handling system. The torsion spring handling system and the conveying positioning system are the products in which the three clamping jaws of the torsion spring conveying system bend the clamped material, and cooperate with the three-axis shift to the mobile carrier on the conveying positioning system. Assembling tasks for each product, all actions are completed, and the vehicle flows to the next section.

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