Automatic adjustment screw assembly unit


This equipment is composed of a screw feeding system, a nut feeding system, a screw locking mechanism, a nut distributing mechanism, a three-axis module, a conveying positioning system, a return system, and an adjusting screw handling mechanism. The nut distributing mechanism is the nut distributing mechanism. After the sensor detects that the nut is in place, the motor drives the four-station turntable to rotate 90 degrees, and the nut is sent to the locking screw station. At the same time, the nut feeding mechanism continues to feed the nut into the turntable. Screw locking mechanism: The sensor of the locking screw mechanism senses that the screw has been installed in the mechanism. When the nut distributing mechanism sends the nut to the locking screw station, the motor of the locking screw mechanism rotates and the cylinder presses down to lock the screw into the nut. After completion, the screw feeding mechanism will continue to feed materials for use.

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