Automatic fixing piece assembly unit


The whole equipment is composed of a fixed plate vibrating plate feeding mechanism, a three-axis module, a conveying positioning system, a return system, a fixed plate handling system, and a fixed plate distributing system. The fixed piece distributing system is a product that is discharged through the vibrating plate. After being sensed by the sensor on the distributing system, the distributing system moves to position the fixed piece in a state suitable for automatic assembly.

The three-axis module and handling system is a fixed distribution system. The material sensor senses the material and feeds it back to the control system. The three-axis module cooperates with the handling system to clamp the material on the distribution system to the chuck of the handling system. Operate according to the actual situation, until the three grippers on the handling system are all full, load the products positioned in the conveying positioning system, and complete the action of picking and unloading.

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