Automatic arc-igniting piece assembly unit


This equipment is composed of a pilot arc sheet feeding mechanism, a pilot arc sheet distributing mechanism, a three-axis module, a conveying positioning system, a return system, and a pilot arc sheet handling mechanism. Among them, the arc-igniting piece feeding mechanism is the arc-igniting piece feeding mechanism, which uses a double-disc and single-feed path to efficiently feed the arc-igniting pieces with different front and back into the arc-igniting piece distribution mechanism in an orderly manner. The handling mechanism and the conveying positioning system are the products that will be shifted to the mobile carrier on the conveying positioning system with the three-axis when the arc-igniting sheet conveyer is finished reclaiming, and the assembly tasks of the three products are completed at one time. The movement of the cylinder of the handling mechanism changes the position of the gripper, and cooperates with the three-axis module to complete the assembly tasks of the other three products. After completing all actions, the vehicle flows to the next stage.

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