Automatic shell feeding and opening unit


This equipment is composed of a belt conveyor line, a multi-stage material distribution mechanism, a multi-stage lifting mechanism, a material storage mechanism, a conveying positioning system, a return system, a loading mechanism, etc. Among them, the multi-level lifting mechanism is that the product through the belt conveyor is sent to the multi-level lifting mechanism, and the original set program and the coordinated sensor signal feedback, the lifting mechanism moves to lift the product to the designated position. The multi-level distributing mechanism can grab the products on the lifting mechanism to the designated position of the storage mechanism, and split the multi-level products on the conveyor belt of the storage mechanism. After the loading mechanism and the conveying positioning system sense the material by the sensor in the waiting area of the storage mechanism, the loading mechanism moves through the three-axis module to pick and place the products in the waiting area on the storage mechanism to the movement of the conveying positioning system. On the vehicle.

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