What are the failures of non-standard automation equipment in the application process?

2021-02-26 13:39:00 浙江铭君自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 402

With the continuous improvement of technological level and production technology, more and more fields use non-standard automation equipment. However, there are still some problems with non-standard automation equipment. These problems are mainly due to external factors and the equipment itself.

From the perspective of the cause of the fault, there are hard faults and soft faults, and both faults can exist at the same time; in addition, the faults can also be divided into static faults and dynamic faults. Static faults are easier to observe and eliminate. It seems that non-standard automation equipment may malfunction.

1. The power supply fails

This fault is a static fault. This kind of failure is mostly caused by the power line or the ground line open circuit, wrong connection or poor contact. Of course, it may also be because the input voltage of the equipment or circuit board components exceeds the allowable deviation range. The output voltage caused by the circuit failure of the power supply component exceeds the allowable deviation range.

 2. The passive component fails

This situation is mainly due to the open circuit of the capacitor, the open circuit caused by the loosening of the end cap of the resistor, and the change of the resistance value. The change of the resistance value may cause the fuzzy logic value, and the change of the capacitance value may result in poor decoupling, changes in the oscillator frequency, and the failure of equipment such as motors to start.

3. Poor power supply decoupling

This kind of problem is generally that the interference waveform and the normal waveform are superimposed on each other. You can use large-capacity filter capacitors and ceramic capacitors with better high-frequency performance to prevent these interferences.

In addition to the above failures, there will also be software design failures, equipment design failures, and poor contact. It is difficult to avoid non-standard automation equipment failures, but we must find out the cause of the problem and find out the method for the cause. Improve or prevent, the failure of non-standard automation equipment in the operation process will become less and less.