Prevention and solution of broken belt of automatic assembly line conveyor

2021-02-26 13:37:02 浙江铭君自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 424

1. Reasons for the broken belt:

1. The conveyor belt tension is not enough

2. The conveyor belt has been used for an extended period of time and is seriously aging

3. Bulky materials or iron smashing the conveyor belt

4. The quality of the conveyor belt joints does not meet the requirements

5. The quality of the conveyor belt joints is inconsistent or damaged

6. The conveyor belt is jammed

7. The tension of the conveyor belt tensioning device on the conveyor belt is too large

2. Prevention and treatment of broken belt:

1. Replace the conveyor belt that meets the requirements

2. Replace the expired conveyor belt in time

3. Strictly control bulk materials and ironware on the conveyor

4. Replace the damaged connector

5. Increase the deviation adjustment drag roller and anti deviation protection device, if the conveyor belt is found to be stuck by the frame, it should be stopped immediately.

6. Adjust the tensioning force of the tensioning device properly

7. After a broken belt accident occurs, the following steps can be taken to deal with it:

   a. Clear the floating coal on the fault zone

   b. Clamp one end of the broken tape with a card board

   c. Lock the other end of the broken belt with a wire rope

   d. Loosen the tensioning device

   e. Pull the conveyor belt with a winch

   f. Cut even conveyor belt broken ends

   g. Connect the conveyor belt with metal clips, cold bonding or vulcanization, etc.

   h. After trial operation, after confirming that it is correct, put it into operation