How to check the connection failures of the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits of non-standard automation equipment

2021-02-26 13:37:20 浙江铭君自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 418

Check whether the wires in the circuits of non-standard automation equipment are disconnected, especially whether the wires in the wire groove are cut by the wire groove due to pulling. Check the trachea for damaged creases. Check if the hydraulic oil pipe is blocked.  

When checking the circuit in this step, use the necessary multimeter, adjust to the buzzer file, and check the path of the circuit. If the trachea shows a severe crease, replace it immediately. The hydraulic tubing should also be replaced.

After ensuring that the above steps are correct, the fault may appear in the controller, but it can never be a program problem! First of all, don’t be sure that the controller is destroyed, as long as there is no serious short circuit, the controller has short circuit protection inside. A general short circuit will not burn the controller.

First, check whether there are high-frequency interference devices near the controller. If there is, remove it immediately. If you are outdoors, strong lightning may also cause the controller to fail to work normally for a moment. At this point, first remove all possible interfering devices, and then restart the controller.

Secondly, if restarting is invalid, check whether the controller wiring is loose or has poor contact.

Finally, if the wiring of the non-standard automation equipment is correct. Determine whether there is a problem with the memory card of the PLC. Replace with a new card, download the program, and check whether the previous memory card is faulty.